Hello and welcome to my site! I am so happy you’re here, let me introduce myself if you don’t already know me.

My name is Julia- Pie is my nickname- and I’ve been battling multiple tick-borne diseases, as well as chronic fatigue syndrome and autoimmune disease for three years now. I am from a small town in Upstate NY, and just recently moved to Boulder, Colorado. I was always interested in starting a blog to share my experiences in my drastic new reality of chronic disease, but I never got around to it.. until now! This past fall, when the Syracuse paper did a story on my medical journey and diagnosis with the rare Borrelia Miyamotoi (you can find the entire thing under the article tab!), I was flooded with emails, messages, and notes from my fellow chronic illness warriors and their loved ones begging for some guidance, help, or simply someone who would understand. It was overwhelming, communal, and heartbreaking.

Our world is finally beginning to give Lyme and tick-borne diseases the attention and research it deserves, but we are still far behind in what needs to be done. I hope that this blog can be a building block in the much needed education, honest representation, vulnerable reality and fundamental support that the Lyme community needs. Far too many of us are suffering with invisible demons in silence, and I cannot stand it any longer.

If you are a fellow survivor, warrior, spoonie- I pray that this site will provide, at the very least, the warmth of knowing you are not alone in this battle. I will be sharing treatments, therapies, diets, and windows into what days are truly like, and I hope that you will find some hope that there are ways to heal. If you are watching a loved one endure this torment, I urge you to not only read but truly feel the words on this page, for they are depicting the honest reality of chronic illness that hides beneath the surface.

Let’s build something together.